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The International School of the Golden Rosycross

Do you seek guidance for living from your deepest core so that you may find that missing essence? Maybe you and the Golden Rosycross Community have something in common. We are delighted to invite you to visit our website and sign up for the Golden Rosycross Community. Then you will receive regular e-mails with what we hope will be relevant content for your spiritual search.

You can watch video-lectures, speak online with the lecturer, listen to a podcast, download a Pentagram magazine, have access to our online magazine LOGON and sign up for our weekly live explorations. Those who subscribe will be able to participate in several groups and will be offered the opportunity to join online meetups with other group members, using our professional conferencing software.

The Rosicrucians strive to strengthen the connection between ‘the cross and the rose’, between the temporary, but so important being that we are and the eternal divine nucleus within themselves. Living that connection contributes to the regeneration of man. This is the path of self knowledge, non conflict and an ever increasing consciousness of what our active role in society and the world really entails.

The teachings of the gnostic School of the Golden Rosycross are Hermetic, Taoistic and Christocentric at the same time. It is possible to come to inner knowing, to Gnosis, by going a path of self-initiation which has existed since the dawn of times. The School of the Golden Rosycross indicates this path that every person needs to undertake sooner or later in himself or herself.

In all authentic wisdom traditions, there is the idea that there is one source of life, wisdom and love. This source has many names: Spirit, Tao, Brahma, the One, the Unknown, the Creator, God and the Father-Mother. The School of the Golden Rosycross consists of people who have discovered that this source lies within themselves.

The Golden Rosycross is a worldwide non-profit organization active today in more than 50 countries. Its sole aim is to promote spiritual awareness and renewal based on the divine nucleus within the human being. Although its roots are in gnostic Christianity and Hermetism it is fully in tune with the modern world and our aspiration to find the source of all Life.

It undertakes many initiatives around the globe to offer seekers possibilities to become a man or woman animated by the inner nucleus and to find the missing link.

Books, magazines, video-lectures, podcasts, online-programs, contemplative meetings, temple-services and live conferences are at your disposal.

Do you want to find out more? Then, we invite you to join the Golden Rosycross Community. Your subscription is free of any obligation and may add new and unexpected perspectives to your quest.

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