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An orphaned boy, living with a wise man, woke and found himself alone in the middle of the night. He could not get to sleep again and his heart grew so restless that he rose and went down the stairs.

The moon shone in at every western window and his way was now in glimmer, now in gloom.

On the first landing he saw a door wide open which he had never seen open until now.

It was the door of the wizard's room.

Within, all was bright with moonlight, and the boy first peeped, then stepped in, and

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fourth book, 304 p. / isbn 978 90 6732 4816


By André de Boer and René Stevelink

The spiritual art of living from inner knowledge, love and strength 

Why was I born? What am I supposed to do here? After my death my body decays, but what happens then to my consciousness? Does that disappear too? Or does it increase instead? Will I go to heavenly spheres or will some part of me possibly return to earth in a different bo

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 There has been a cooperation with the Spiritual School of the golden Rosycross and the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica or Ritman Library since 1986, which is now part of the Embassy of the free mind in Amsterdam. At the age of sixteen, the founder, Joost Ruben Ritman, became aware of the unique field of the Christian-Hermetic gnosis. In 1957, when his mother gave him a book by Jakob Boehme written in 1657, he realised for the first time that a certain category of ancient books was still mar

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Integration of the inner in daily life

The symbolic of the temple

From reincarnation to transfiguration

From self-knowledge to a new attitude of life 

From desire to fulfilment




Are you interested in kaballah, alchemy, classic rosicrucians and modern rosicrucianism? Then maybe Amsterdam/Haarlem in the Netherlands is the place to be for you this summer, beacuse there are two outstanding exhibitions and an Open Summer Conference.

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Mysteries of the Soul 1: Living from a sense of unity

You have the right to be here, in this world. More than that: you must be here! And you can become transparent for the light of truth that glows imperishably. You can be renewed internally and experience great happiness. You can cooperate joyfully with the realisation of the divine plan of creation; however, for this purpose, you must first undergo a thorough

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In the human heart lies the seat of life, the nuclear power of the monad, the immortal rose. This rose is characterised by a strongly radiant, multicoloured light, which emanates from it. The seat of the rose coincides with the apex of the heart sanc- tuary. Its presence means that every nature-born human being is a potential rosicrucian, for the rose of the personality is always fixed to the cross.

This rose is the representative of the Planetary Logos in the nature-born human being. So the or

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The young, self-conscious Holland that in seventeenth century Europe was in the begining op the 17th centrurty still partly within the sphere of influence of the church of Rome. It offered housing and protection to many great European philosophers, who were being persecuted elsewhere. We mention the profound Jan Amos Comenius, who corresponded with Johann Valentin Andreae and received from him the task of continuing to carry the torch of the light of the Christ hierarchy. We also think of Spino

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Humanity en masse neglects the soul. Many problems we encounter are directly or indirectly the result of denying and ignoring this most essential aspect of ourself and our fellow human beings. There are many forces in the world that keep us away from caring for our soul.

Yet there is every reason for hope. During our recent era, the human personality has developed in such a way that the soul aspect has been awakened in many people and is indeed growing and becomi

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What is imperfect will become perfect.

What is crooked will become straight.

What is empty will become full.

What is worn out will become new.


With little, ‘It' is gained.

With much, one deviates from ‘It'.


That is why the sage holds fast to the One,

and in this way makes himself into an example for the world.

Not seeking to shine, he is enlightened.

Not overrating himself, he is distinguished.

Not boasting, he has merit.

Not wanting to be first, he is superior.

Standing in non-conflict,

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The nature of the soul and its calling must be thoroughly comprehended by the pupil and once again find recognition in his life, before he can meet the soul of the heavenly man. The threefold concept ‘spirit, soul, and body’ will be familiar tot every student from the communications contained in sacred books. He must realize however, that this designation of the threefold man applies only to a man as he ought to be!

In regard to the dialectic man, man in his present state, there is no longer an

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Have you ever honestly examined your life and yourself, and realised that you are caught in a chain of cause and effect? And that your children are stuck in the same straitjacket? Lao Tzu drew attention to this predicament two and a half thousand years ago, and since then it has become many times worse. So if you really want to experience pupilship of a gnostic Spiritual School, if you really want to ascend the path of liberation, you must ‘abandon study’.


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Abandon study, and your worries will cease.

What is the use of linguistic subtleties? Much better is knowledge of the distinction between good and evil.

Alas, the world has become a wilderness without end.

The multitude rejoice and are glad, like those who enjoy their food, like people who have climbed a high terrace in spring.

I alone am calm and have not yet moved. I am like a new-born babe who has not yet smiled. I am free and without limitation, as if there were no place to which I would

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By 1930, Catharose de Petri had joined the enterprising, idealistic circle of friends that had been formed around the two brothers Z.W. Leene and J. Leene; at that time, she also saw the new, spiritual ideal and the building of the group before her. She explicitly expressed that she had her own task which, at age of 28, she had received from the Brotherhood, namely ‘from the bonafide Order of the Holy Rosycross’. Although she initially saw no benefit in the formation of a group, the two brother

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Preface by J.R. Ritman

Foreword by the author

Introduction to the book


  1. Nature soul and world heart
  2. You yourself are the turning point. The Haarlem years: the first circle of development. The influence of a Haarlem minister: A.H. de Hartog. Jakob Boehme’s axiom as inner guideline. De Hartog’s social commitment. What does it mean, forming the turning point yourself.
  3. The spiritual line. The world work begins 187
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Easter should actually be celebrated around the spring equi- nox. Between 21 and 23 March, the light of the day is exact- ly in balance with the darkness of the night. But because the de-termination of the exact day of this festival is based on the lunar calendar of the pre-Christian Jewish tradition – the first Sunday on or after the equinox on which it is full moon – Easter is often celebrated many days after the equinox. Nevertheless, its spiritual meaning is

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During the second half of 1945, there was a great impetus to establish contact with what J. van Rijckenborgh and Catharose de Petri, at the time, still only knew as the work of the Albigenses. In four extensive addresses, he shared these insights with the pupils, and in passing, gave a detailed explanation of the structure, the rituals, the sacraments and the liberating activity of a brotherhood in Christ, which should also be the structure of the modern Spiritual School.

Thus, J. van Rijcken

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The founders of the International School of the Golden Rosycross wrote dozens of books about universal teachings that are still available in print in several languages. In some of them they convey prophesies about truth. Despite all the fake news In todays world, we see these come true. In fact it is not about predictions or forecasts, but about the the results of the assignment of the inner man and the unfolding of the divine plan.

Catharose de Petri (1902-1990) in The Seal of Renewal (chapter

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The realisation of the new human genesis is a spiritual path. This path has always two aspects: on the one hand, the development of the new human being from the dormant spirit nucleus in the heart, and on the other hand, the demolition of the old I-directed being by means of the increasingly conscious spiritual powers. In the third manifesto of the Brotherhood of the Rosycross, «The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross», this path is allegorically described.

The alchemical wedding of Chris

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First there was all the toiling to set up your life adequately. Alas, the visualizations of the dream job, the perfect partner and a life of pleasure were rudely overtaken by the demon of reality. Okay, so you set your goals for tomorrow. But tomorrow never came for today stood in its way.

So you tried other directions: this way and that way and finally your own way with the step from an outer to an inner life. All your life your ego told you: when all the jigsaw pieces fit together, then you w

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