Rosicrucians always were alchemists. As such they have always been known. In all times they have aplied alchemy. But you must know that there were two kinds of alchemy: there is a diaectic alchemy and a transfiguristic one. The dialectic alchemy is applied by occultists of all sorts. Therefore there are many people in the world who call themselves Rosicrucians but were nothing but occultists. That is why you must understand that all those who call them Rosicrucians are certainly not of one sort. And therefore you must also understand that the offer we are making you exclusively concerns the transfiguristic alchemy. You cannot join us in order to enable yourself to cultivate the dialectic alchemy. There are tens, even hundreds of schools which can teach you that perfectly.

The alchemy of the Rosicrucians is based upon the transformation of the blood and with that we mean the blood in the full sense of the word, in threefold sense by which we are thinking of the serpent-fire, the nervous fluid and the blood liquid, this threefold blood, is our life-basis; it is our I, our consciousness, our soul. All your past, all your karma, all our character have their basis in the blood. The threefold blood is the kernel, the soul, of our microcosm. All magnetic powers and all influences thereof manifest themselves in the blood and fix their attentions in it. This is the reason why the alchemy is based upon the transformation of the blood.

You must, however, clearly understand that the dialectic alchemy is bent upon bringing about a thorough culture of the blood, the nervous fluid and the organs related, such as the ganglia and the hormone glands. This alchemy, however, leaves the serpent-fire unaffected, the serpent-fire which is just the seat of the ‘I’! In this alchemic system you cannot act otherwise, because in this development the I is both the commander and the executor. The I itself gives and receives orders. Consequently the I is an indispensable factor in the dialectic alchemy and the result of this system is that the I is centralised and cultivated the utmost.

The occultist therefore is a very self-conscious I-central man, it cannot be otherwise, He is someone who says: ‘I can do everything. I am everything. I am God. I am superman.’ An I-central man is not necessarily a bad man, but he certainly is a mad man; for a man can be bad mad of good mad. This delusive idea of the occultist invariably leads to very great disaster, both for himself and for all mankind. The transfiguristic alchemy, the alchemy which is proposed to you, the alchemic change which we set before the pupils of the modern Rosycross, commenses with the I. That which the dialectical alchemy does not touch but on the contrary is used as a basis, is absolutely and unconditionally affected by the transfiguristic alchemy. It commences with the gradual subjugation of the I. 

Therefore the Brotherhood of the Christ-Hierofants will not make the I leader of the process of transmutation and therefore the Brotherhood will never enter into direct contact with the I of the pupil, by saying for instance: ‘You are so good and so great and so mighty and so clever’, for that way one would just hold fast the I. If you pay attention to the universal Doctrine of all times you will discover thet the giving up of the I and I-world is clearly set before us. 

Lao Zi speaks of the giving up of the I by a life of non-activity and non-existence. This is, so he says, the key to Tao. Buddha teaches detachment, the total neutralisation of the self. Christ says: ‘He who is prepared to lose his life, his I, for my sake, he will find IT, i.e. Tao. The Albigenses taught the endura, i.e. I-killing. Christian Rosycross is doing the same in his ‘chemical marriage’; the knights of the golden stone disavow the own I etirely; they assign it to the Gnosis.

So it appears that what we propose to you is not new. This alchemic process is decidedly not a process for the I, not a process with the I, but it must commence with the self-surrender of the I. Is this therfore a suicide of which the Albigenses were accused? No, you must assign the I to the Kingdom of God, to the Kindom within you. ‘The kingdom of God is within you.’ It is the proto-atom, the sleeping god-man, the new microcosm. It is the new king and the new queen Christian Rosycross must libeate in the fire, must transmute with his fellow-knights. 

Source: A New Call, speech by J. van Rijckenborg in Wiesbaden (Germany, Europe) in 1952


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