1. Friday night, The symbolic of the temple

We experience a temple as a free space, where there is freedom for our inner being. Try to imagine a forest. Try to imagine you live under a roof of trees, where there is no sunshine and you are born with a longing in your heart for real sunshine. And you can’t find it. But your longing is true and alive within yourself. Then, one day you see a small ray of sunshine. What is your first reaction? It is to create a spot where this light can enter. And that is how we look at a temple, a free space whereto the light of the other nature has access, where the light is embraced, where it is captured, so that it can be spread out after being concentrated. That is the free place of a temple that you can recognize it in all the symbols.


2. Saturday morning, From reincarnation to transfiguration

The main question that arises is: what inspires us? Are we mainly inspired by everyday things; by our feelings and thoughts for beautiful things, nice journeys, good friendships, good food, interesting work, the ups and downs of our family, our loved ones? Are we only animated by those things of a temporary nature? Or are we inspired by something that transcends these ephemeral things? By something that is everlasting? And then, what then is everlasting, what is immortal? What is the source of our existence? The numerous religions and spiritual traditions have many different names for this, but in fact they all have in common the meaning of: "the One Source from which all life comes forth”.


3. Sunday afternoon, From desire to fulfilment


We are living in a time in which the fire of love comes into the world as a large tidal wave. It wants to equalize everything to itself. Whoever responds positively to that wave is raised up to its high vibration and life opportunities. This does not imply that we have to work hard or that we have to show outstanding behavior – better not, because most of the time we can only keep up this behavior for a short time. The only thing we can and must do is this: allow access to that overwhelming Love, and be faithful to it, unconditionally faithful. And then Love Itself will do the rest. It can’t do otherwise, because its foundation basis is purification, healing and unification.

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