Books by the founders of the Golden Rosycross


The Call of the Brotherhood of the R.C., J. Van Rijckenborgh

Volume one of the three manifestos of the classic Rosicrucians is the Fama, or Call. This text calls the searcher to come to insight: ‘so that ultimately man might understand his own nobility and worth, and why he is called microcosm, and how far his knowledge of nature extends’. In his comments, the author says: ‘The earth is a crucible into which we are all thrown, so that the gold of the spirit can bee freed from what is inferior and transmuted into the gold of the soul.’


The Confession of the Brotherhood R.C., J. Van Rijckenborgh

The Confessio, or confession, is the second manifesto. Here J. van Rijckenborgh focuses on the words of  the classic Rosicrucians as the key issue: ‘The earth is the melting pot in which we are cast down, so that the gold of the spirit will be able to free itself from the lower and transmute into soul-gold. That is the human destination.’  The Rosicrucian manifestos were issued between 1614 and 1616 in Germany, as the spiritual testament of the classic Rosicrucians. The Manifestos spread rapidly, also in the Netherlands. Their call for a general reformation caused much commotion throughout Europe.


The Alchemical Wedding 1, J. Van Rijckenborgh

The last volume of the Manifestos is The Alchemical Wedding. It is the veiled story of a way of initiation that takes seven symbolic days. Christian Rosenkreutz receives an invitation to a royal wedding, for which he knows himself to be not worthy yet. His assignment is to work on the alchemical wedding of his renewed soul (the bride) with the divine spirit (the groom) and to make this way accessible for his fellow human beings as well. Volume 1 contains day 1, 2 and 3, with the clarifications of J. van Rijckenborgh.


The Alchemical Wedding II, J. Van Rijckenborgh

In volume 2 (day 5, 6 and 7) of the Alchemical Wedding the development processes continue. The seven principles of the old consciousness, represented by seven ‘royal personalities’, must perish, hence die, in order to make room for a new consciousness. It is only after this phase that the actual alchemical transformation process within the various levels of the ‘Olympus Tower’ (the human serpent fire system) can unfold itself. This book, too, contains the original text and the clarifications by J. van Rijckenborgh.

Books by other authors

Spiritual Easter and Pentecost, André de Boer and Tanja Rozema

Spiritual Easter and Pentecost - Guidance for Contemplation and Inspiration concerning the Resurrection of the Inner Man. Every human being is called to one day overcome death, to build an imperishable spiritual body that is also known as resurrection body, glorified body and golden wedding robe. Experience and understand the profound wisdom about resurrection, ascension and Pentecost in the ancient narratives. PDF

Mysteries and Symbols of the Soul, André de Boer

Mysteries and Symbols of the Soul - Becoming a Spirit-Inspired Person. Do you know what you can do if you want to unfold your deepest self? Contemplative and esoteric traditions from the East and the West teach you how you can experience the ineffable, and how you can make love and wisdom shine stronger in the world. Contemplate on universal mystery wisdom and develop a feeling for symbols. PDF

Mysteries and Challenges of Birth, Life and Death

Mysteries and challenges of Birth, Life and Death - Becoming a Neu Human Being. Why was I born? What am I supposed to do here? After my death my body decays, but what happens then to my consciousness? Does that disappear too? Or does it increase instead? Will I go to heavenly spheres or will some part of me possibly return to earth in a different body? How can I deal with practical and ethical dilemmas about life and the end of life? PDF

Called by the World Heart, Peter Huijs

In Called by the World Heart, Peter Huijs presents an account of the development of the spiritual pursuits of the past one and a half century during which the great spiritual organizations played an important part. In this complex esoteric field, the Leene brothers rediscovered the seventeenth-century manifestos of the Rosicrucians in 1935. Huijs describes the history of the Rosicrucian Society that they founded before World War II. The second part of this book describes the period after 1945: the genesis of the Lectorium Rosicrucianum, the International School of the Golden Rosycross. PDF

Gnosis - Rays of Light Past and Present, Peter Huijs

In Gnosis- Rays of Light Past and Present, Peter Huijs takes the reader on an impressive and unexpected journey, the journey of the Gnosis in Europe and the Near East, the effects of which have been felt in many parts of the world. This journey is impressive due to the fact that the Gnosis surfaces precisely in times of change. In those moments of change, human deficiency shows itself: deficiencies in light, in consciousness, in wisdom and inner knowledge; in other words, deficiency in Gnosis. This book deals specifically with that light and with that consciousness. PDF

Spiritual Christmas, André de Boer and Tanja Rozema

Spiritual Christmas - Guiding Hand for Inner Reflection and Inspiration in the Christmas Season. The divine can be born and grow in the human being.The Christmas season is the perfect time to focus on the things that really matter in life. During this dark time of the year we receive an ideal opportunity for inspiration and renewal. So why not take some time for reflection and inspiration during the season of the Holy Nights and the Holy Days. Let yourself be touched by profound narratives from ‘The Aquarian Gospel’. PDF



  • 24 December 1980, PDF
  • A New Call, PDF
  • Ad Fontes, PDF
  • 1 Aquarius - The New Light Vesture, PDF
  • 2 Aquarius - The World Brotherhood of the Rosycross, PDF
  • 3 Aquarius - Mighty Signs of God's Counsel, PDF
  • 4 Aquarius - The Liberating Path of the Rosycross, PDF
  • 5 Aquarius - The New Caduceus, PDF
  • Called by the World Heart, PDF
  • Dei Gloria Intacta, The Christian Initiation Mystery, PDF
  • Elementary Philosophy of the Modern Rosycross, PDF
  • Gnosis Rays of Light Past and Present, PDF
  • Gnostic-Christian initiation with the Cathars, PDF
  • Letters, PDF
  • Mysteries and Symbols of the Soul, PDF
  • Mysteries of Birth, Life and Death, PDF
  • Rosicrucians through the Ages, PDF
  • Seven Voices Speak, PDF
  • Spiritual Christmas, PDF
  • Spiritual Easter and Pentecost, PDF
  • The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross 1, PDF
  • The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross 2, PDF
  • The Alchemy of J.K. Rowling, PDF
  • The Brotherhood of Shamballa, PDF
  • The Chinese Gnosis, PDF
  • The Coming New Man, PDF
  • The Confession of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood, PDF
  • The Egyptian Arch Gnosis 1, PDF
  • The Egyptian Arch Gnosis 2, PDF
  • The Egyptian Arch Gnosis 3, PDF
  • The Egyptian Arch Gnosis 4, PDF
  • The Gnosis in Present Day Manifestation, PDF
  • The Gnostic Mysteries of the Pistis Sophia, PDF
  • The Grail and the Rosycross, PDF
  • The Great Revolution, PDF
  • The Golden Rosycross, PDF
  • The Light Vesture of the New Man, PDF
  • The Living Word, PDF
  • The Lost Brother, PDF
  • The Mystery of the Beatitudes, PDF
  • The Seal of Renewal, PDF
  • The Universal Gnosis, PDF
  • The Universal Path, PDF
  • The Universal Remedy, PDF
  • There is no empty space, PDF
  • Transfiguration, PDF
  • What is Transfiguration?, PDF
  • Work in Service of Humanity, PDF
  • Unmasking, PDF