Books by the founders of the Golden Rosycross

Judas - Traitor or Hero PDF

The discussion about the figure of Judas has flared up anew since recently a Gospel of Judas was found.

Repeatedly attempts have been made in the most varied ways to understand the nature and deed of Judas Iscariot. The interpretations range from Judas as traitor who had succumbed to evil to Judas as hero and initiate who even surpassed Jesus in readiness to sacrifice. His character and his deed raise the question of the nature and the meaning of evil in the world.

The here somewhat expanded text of the lecture given in 2006 at the Frankfurt Book Fair is a contribution to answering this question and to a better understanding of Jesus’ disciple Judas. For the Judas principle is active in all times in every pupil on the spiritual path and can only be overcome when we clearly see through it. To enable readers to form their own opinions, the passages in the canonical gospels pertaining to Judas are printed before the lecture. These along with the Gospel of Judas recently brought into public discussion being the texts with which the lecture deals.


The Bible in a Spiritual Perspective PDF

The Bible is widely regarded as the book of books. In a way, people shaped by Western culture are all children of the Bible: Its language has shaped our languages. Its morality is a foundation of our humanity. Its pictures have furnished our world of imagination. Its parables have given material and reference points to our literature and culture. But who really knows the Bible? How is it structured? What is its content? When and according to what criteria was it determined which scriptures were to be included in the Bible and which were not? What is the best way to interpret it: historically, salvation-historically, or spiritually? And what significance can the Bible have for Christians and all spiritual seekers today? You will find answers in this book.


10084291468?profile=RESIZE_180x180The Birth of the True Self in the human being PDF

The Message of Jesus for Our Time in the Gospel of Luke, Part 1
Development of the True Identity of the Human Being in the Message of the Gospel of Luke

• Already a few decades after Jesus, it had been forgotten that Christianity is a spiritual path on which the image of God, our deepest essence, which is threatened with suffocation under our false, egocentric nature, is again awakened to life.
• Jesus himself lived this path as an example. Anchored in the divine forces, he brought the true self, the Kingdom of God, to appearance in the measure that he recognized and weakened the false self—the pharisaic self-righteousness and the demonic forces of the striving for power, honour, and possessions.
• The disciples of Jesus followed this path in the forces of their master. All miracles, events, and sayings in the gospels are stations of a precisely structured inner development.
• Those who read the Gospel of Luke with this perspective, experience a foretaste of the spiritual path of Jesus and his disciples, which can also become their path.

The Spiritual School of the Golden Rosycross PDF

Lectorium Rosicrucianum: A Spiritual School of the Present
The spiritual path as it was walked in all times under various conditions by truth seekers lies at the centre of this book.

In the Spiritual School of the Rosycross, this way is walked in the sign of Christian Rosycross. It connects to the consciousness of the modern human being on the basis of the original Christianity while at the same time reaching back to the long, independent spiritual tradition of the West.

The inner workings of this spiritual school are made transparent for the onlooker: Who were its founders, from which sources did they draw, what are the contents of the Rosicrucian philosophy, how does a spiritual power field work, what is the structure of the Spiritual School?

We see that not only the individual pupil is on the way but also the whole community, that this path is not an automatic one, however, and that it can happen that individual pupils under certain conditions may not be able to reach the goal.

A spiritual school is a visible model of a human community of the future in which there is a striving for unity, freedom, and love among human beings, for these characteristics are the destiny of every human being and of humanity. Therefore, renewing impulses can also go out from the Spiritual School to society, science, culture, and religion.

Books by other authors

Judas, The Bible, The Spiritual School , the Birth of the True Self by Konrad Dietzfelbinger

Dietzfelbinger books as PDF

Spiritual Easter and Pentecost, André de Boer and Tanja Rozema

Spiritual Easter and Pentecost - Guidance for Contemplation and Inspiration concerning the Resurrection of the Inner Man. Every human being is called to one day overcome death, to build an imperishable spiritual body that is also known as resurrection body, glorified body and golden wedding robe. Experience and understand the profound wisdom about resurrection, ascension and Pentecost in the ancient narratives. PDF

Mysteries and Symbols of the Soul, André de Boer

Mysteries and Symbols of the Soul - Becoming a Spirit-Inspired Person. Do you know what you can do if you want to unfold your deepest self? Contemplative and esoteric traditions from the East and the West teach you how you can experience the ineffable, and how you can make love and wisdom shine stronger in the world. Contemplate on universal mystery wisdom and develop a feeling for symbols. PDF

Mysteries and Challenges of Birth, Life and Death

Mysteries and challenges of Birth, Life and Death - Becoming a Neu Human Being. Why was I born? What am I supposed to do here? After my death my body decays, but what happens then to my consciousness? Does that disappear too? Or does it increase instead? Will I go to heavenly spheres or will some part of me possibly return to earth in a different body? How can I deal with practical and ethical dilemmas about life and the end of life? PDF

Called by the World Heart, Peter Huijs

In Called by the World Heart, Peter Huijs presents an account of the development of the spiritual pursuits of the past one and a half century during which the great spiritual organizations played an important part. In this complex esoteric field, the Leene brothers rediscovered the seventeenth-century manifestos of the Rosicrucians in 1935. Huijs describes the history of the Rosicrucian Society that they founded before World War II. The second part of this book describes the period after 1945: the genesis of the Lectorium Rosicrucianum, the International School of the Golden Rosycross. PDF

Gnosis - Rays of Light Past and Present, Peter Huijs

In Gnosis- Rays of Light Past and Present, Peter Huijs takes the reader on an impressive and unexpected journey, the journey of the Gnosis in Europe and the Near East, the effects of which have been felt in many parts of the world. This journey is impressive due to the fact that the Gnosis surfaces precisely in times of change. In those moments of change, human deficiency shows itself: deficiencies in light, in consciousness, in wisdom and inner knowledge; in other words, deficiency in Gnosis. This book deals specifically with that light and with that consciousness. PDF

Spiritual Christmas, André de Boer and Tanja Rozema

Spiritual Christmas - Guiding Hand for Inner Reflection and Inspiration in the Christmas Season. The divine can be born and grow in the human being.The Christmas season is the perfect time to focus on the things that really matter in life. During this dark time of the year we receive an ideal opportunity for inspiration and renewal. So why not take some time for reflection and inspiration during the season of the Holy Nights and the Holy Days. Let yourself be touched by profound narratives from ‘The Aquarian Gospel’. PDF



  • 24 December 1980, PDF
  • A New Call, PDF
  • Ad Fontes, PDF
  • 1 Aquarius - The New Light Vesture, PDF
  • 2 Aquarius - The World Brotherhood of the Rosycross, PDF
  • 3 Aquarius - Mighty Signs of God's Counsel, PDF
  • 4 Aquarius - The Liberating Path of the Rosycross, PDF
  • 5 Aquarius - The New Caduceus, PDF
  • Called by the World Heart, PDF
  • Dei Gloria Intacta, The Christian Initiation Mystery, PDF
  • Elementary Philosophy of the Modern Rosycross, PDF
  • Gnosis Rays of Light Past and Present, PDF
  • Gnostic-Christian initiation with the Cathars, PDF
  • Letters, PDF
  • Mysteries and Symbols of the Soul, PDF
  • Mysteries of Birth, Life and Death, PDF
  • Rosicrucians through the Ages, PDF
  • Seven Voices Speak, PDF
  • Spiritual Christmas, PDF
  • Spiritual Easter and Pentecost, PDF
  • The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross 1, PDF
  • The Alchemical Wedding of Christian Rosycross 2, PDF
  • The Alchemy of J.K. Rowling, PDF
  • The Brotherhood of Shamballa, PDF
  • The Call of the Brotherhood PDF
  • The Chinese Gnosis, PDF
  • The Coming New Man, PDF
  • The Confession of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood, PDF
  • The Egyptian Arch Gnosis 1, PDF
  • The Egyptian Arch Gnosis 2, PDF
  • The Egyptian Arch Gnosis 3, PDF
  • The Egyptian Arch Gnosis 4, PDF
  • The Gnosis in Present Day Manifestation, PDF
  • The Gnostic Mysteries of the Pistis Sophia, PDF
  • The Grail and the Rosycross, PDF
  • The Great Revolution, PDF
  • The Golden Rosycross, PDF
  • The Light Vesture of the New Man, PDF
  • The Living Word, PDF
  • The Lost Brother, PDF
  • The Mystery of the Beatitudes, PDF
  • The Nuctemeron of Apollonius of Tyana, PDF
  • The Seal of Renewal, PDF
  • The Universal Gnosis, PDF
  • The Universal Path, PDF
  • The Universal Remedy, PDF
  • There is no empty space, PDF
  • Transfiguration, PDF
  • What is Transfiguration?, PDF
  • Work in Service of Humanity, PDF
  • Unmasking, PDF