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The Coming New Man, J. van Rijckenborgh

In our time there is a growing awareness that mankind faces a change. In The coming new man it concerns an overall, fundamental change, the development of the core essence in the heart. Giving up the ego and


The Call of the Brotherhood of the R.C., J. Van Rijckenborgh

Volume one of the three manifestos of the classic Rosicrucians is the Fama, or Call. This text calls the searcher to come to insight: ‘so that ultimately man might understand his own nobil


Life is changing, and changing fast. 
Your life is being impacted by massive waves of change. 
We are all being pushed to a clear limit which requires from us a fundamentally different state of consciousness that must be conquered by each one of us through an inner self-revolution. 
Only then we can become true agents of change in this world. 
In this video we discuss this process of an inner self-revolution.

The word Gnosis comes from the Greek and means light of knowledge. The knowledge and belief the Gnostics attach to and what spiritual path they follow is generally little known. Gnostics are mostly associated with early Christianity in European intellectual history. However, there were and are Gnostics at all times. For gnosis - the knowledge of God - was and is a force that can communicate directly to every human being, regardless of religious systems and traditions. But what does it mean to experience Gnosis internally? In order to find that out, one must turn to the source from which gnosis springs.