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Recent books from the Golden Rosycross


Called by the World Heart, Peter Huijs

In Called by the World Heart, Peter Huijs presents an account of the development of the spiritual pursuits of the past one and a half century during which the great spiritual organizations played an important part. In this complex esoteric field, the Leene brothers rediscovered the seventeenth-century manifestos of the Rosicrucians in 1935. Huijs describes the history of the Rosicrucian Society that they founded before World War II. The second part of this book describes the period after 1945: the genesis of the Lectorium Rosicrucianum, the International School of the Golden Rosycross. This initiation school is wholly devoted to the liberation of the higher life in the human soul. As an anthology, the author shows the spiritual and literary development of Jan van Rijckenborgh and Catharose de Petri on the basis of extensive quotations. In a natural way, the reader gains insight in the way in which their inspiration and inner task developed into a sevenfold world work, always inspired by the chain of universal brotherhoods.


Gnosis- Rays of Light Past and Present, Peter Huijs

GNOSIS - Rays of Light Past and Present takes the reader on an impressive and unexpected journey, the journey of the Gnosis in Europe and the Near East, the effects of which have been felt in many parts of the world. This journey is impressive due to the fact that the Gnosis surfaces precisely in times of change. In those moments of change, human deficiency shows itself: deficiencies in light, in consciousness, in wisdom and inner knowledge; in other words, deficiency in Gnosis. This book deals specifically with that light and with that consciousness. It is the tale of the liberation of the spirit, of the other one in the human being. The author sketches the circumstances that were important in this respect before the beginning of our era, in the time of the so-called cosmic-mythic consciousness. Then he describes how, in the first centuries of our era, the gnostic idea of the two nature orders acquired form and content. People pass before the mind's eye as they were involved in the growth phases of group-consciousness progressing toward self-consciousness, whether they experienced this development in independent groups, schools, or churches. Persons from long ago are brought to life again, modest and at the same time heroic individuals who lived for the Call (as this impulse has also been called) and who more often than not had to die because of it.


Spiritual Christmas– Guiding Hand for Inner Reflection and Inspiration in the Christmas Season, André de Boer and Tanja Rozema

The divine can be born and grow in the human being.The Christmas season is the perfect time to focus on the things that really matter in life. During this dark time of the year we receive an ideal opportunity for inspiration and renewal. So why not take some time for reflection and inspiration during the season of the Holy Nights and the Holy Days. Let yourself be touched by profound narratives from ‘The Aquarian Gospel’.


Spiritual Easter and Pentecost – Guidance for Contemplation and Inspiration concerning the Resurrection of the Inner Man, André de Boer and Tanja Rozema

Every human being is called to one day overcome death, to build an imperishable spiritual body that is also known as resurrection body, glorified body and golden wedding robe. Experience and understand the profound wisdom about resurrection, ascension and Pentecost in the ancient narratives.


Mysteries and Symbols of the Soul – Becoming a Spirit-Inspired Person, André de Boer
Do you know what you can do if you want to unfold your deepest self? Contemplative and esoteric traditions from the East and the West teach you how you can experience the ineffable, and how you can make love and wisdom shine stronger in the world. Contemplate on universal mystery wisdom and develop a feeling for symbols.