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This podcast is hosted by the Golden Rosycross in collaboration with LOGON, our free online magazine.

We publish audio reflections and articles written by pupils of the Golden Rosycross, exploring Universal themes through the human experience and our own understanding on the Spiritual path.

The aim is to provide you with food for thought, inspiration for new questions and impulses in your research for new answers.

It is our certainty that within all human beings there lays dormant the Spiritual atomic principle which is the potential source of a new inner Reality, a new Universal Consciousness. We invite you to embark with us on the inner journey to find and awaken this source!

The Healing Power of the Soul

Finding peace - overcoming our inner conflict

Contemplative Reading - nature, human nature, Divine nature

Breaking the walls of the Heart

Asking the books and the stars?

Seeking God in nature & ourselves

Peace, Nature & God

Source for a new Life Energy

Faith, Inspiration and Love

Happiness through Love & Wisdom

Spiritual Consciousness - a path of Love and happiness

Awakening to a higher vibration

Understanding Karma & Spiritual Healing

Reincarnation or Spiritual Ascension?

The Mind lies


From knowledge to Wisdom

What is Truth? - Contemplative Reading

Transcending the prison of our perception

From The Exploitation Of Ethers To The Offering Of The Self

Truth and Reality - what is the difference?

A Time for Souls

Truth and Reality

Changing our Reality

Beyond Mindfulness - True Spiritual Awakening

Thinking with the Heart

Self Knowledge & Freedom - Beyond Mindfulness


Beyond Mindfulness

Dream World

Where is your Treasure? - Contemplative Reading

Mysteries of the Soul

A Higher Darkness

Cosmic Consciousness and the Human Being


Unveiling Universal Mysteries

The transformation Power of a Spiritual School

The Dawn of Aquarius and the 5th Dimension

Aquarius, The new Spiritual Dimensions

Aquarius, Evolution or Spiritual Revolution? pt.1

Aquarius, Evolution or Spiritual Revolution? pt.2

You are the Light of the World

Wisdom the heals the World

The Universal Light

Spiritual Awareness in practice

The Spiritual Self-Revolution

Meditation and Spiritual Enlightenment

From Isolation to Liberation

The purpose of Life

Is a Spiritual Path possible in Today's World?

Rosycross and Christianity

Interview with the Rosicrucians

Gnosis, the Key to the Mystery of Life and Death

Being child in this time

The Inner Christ



The peace that surpasses all understanding

The gnostic meaning of the annual Christian celebrations

Admonition of the soul

Becoming an Aquarius human being

Inner silence

Escaping from the prison of time and space

Some essential questions

The path to the Holy Grail

The heart as a source for inner development


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