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The path to the Holy Grail


We welcome you to our reflection on “The Path to the Holy Grail.”  

We will begin with a quotation from the Corpus Hermeticum, an ancient Egyptian text attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, the thrice-great one

God sent down a great Mixing Vessel, filled with the powers of the Spirit and He appointed a herald and bade him proclaim to the hearts of men:

‘Immerse yourselves in this Mixing Vessel, you souls who can;
you who believe and trust that you will ascend to Him
who sent down this Vessel;
you who know for what purpose you were created.’

 - - - - - - -

 With this image of a great Mixing Vessel fixed in our minds we will move forward to the concept of the trilogy of science, religion and art.

There is an original, universal Science.

It is the Gnosis, the knowledge of the Divine reality.

It is not a written wisdom, but it is a radiation, a luminous activity.

 There is also a fundamental, universal Religion.

It is true devotion to the one Divine Plan.

It does not depend on appearances but on establishing and maintaining

the flow of Divine Light between the Father and the Son,

between God and man.

And thirdly there is the Original Art,

the Royal Art, which is the act as performed in the radiation of the universal science and the universal religion.

It is the art of bringing life and humanity back to Divine Harmony

rather than arranging things in our own favour.


- - - - - - -


With this in background, we come to the present.

We can see now that every person is seeking or has already searched or is about to start seeking.

All of humanity is connected with the search for fulfillment.

We feel that we are lacking something, that we are limited, finite, imperfect.

For example, we try to drug ourselves with all that this world has to offer. We seek distraction.

Or we may feel uncomfortable in this, our world and make every effort to bring about change for the better. We look for happiness.

Or we may be dissatisfied with our material circumstances and thus try to gain more possessions.


Human seeking thus knows various aspects that keep us seeking:

We can be propelled by feeling ignorant, by feeling unable to control the world,

or by being unable to create anything perfect,

Then we continue searching for something higher, something deeper, something true, because we sense that there must be a secret, a key.


Perhaps this key is hidden in art, in science or in religion.

There must be a truth somewhere in the form of science, religion or art –

a truth that represents perfection.

There must be a reason that so many legends and stories appeal to us so strongly, sometimes arousing a sense of nostalgia in us ...


From time immemorial people have sought the Philosopher’s Stone,

the Key to Perfection, the Universal and the True.

All this seeking suggests that something important is missing.

But what is it that is missing?


The connection with the Divine Life Field is missing.

We as human beings are still incomplete and imperfect,

because the connecting link with our Divine Origin has vanished.


The original science, true religion and the royal art of construction have been abandoned, forgotten, and they have faded from our view.

The secret, the mystery that we seek is how to restore our link with the Divine.

- - - - - - -


There is a key which opens the door to that original state,

to that original kingdom.


That key was sent down along with humanity in our fall.

 This key is the Grail.

Like a philosopher’s stone, the mystery of salvation lies hidden in the heart of the fallen earthly kingdom.

The profound seeking of humanity in fact comes down to finding the Holy Grail, the connection with Divine Reality.

For the Grail has always accompanied humanity,

but not as an outer treasure hidden in a cave or in the possession of a secret order.


The Grail itself is the secret.

The Grail reveals the secret that is hidden in human beings,

like a latent divine spark.

Finding the Grail is to ignite that spark.

And this can happen only by means of a Light that is of Divine origin;

a Light in which the three original principles are contained:

the Original Science or Wisdom, the True Religion and the Royal Art,


The Grail also represents the human being that is equipped with the original Spirit-Soul.

When he/she opens himself up – with head and heart – for the creative divine light, then it will be able to flow into his being,

provided he is ready to receive it and act accordingly.


The prize for the race, the purification in and through the living water from the Divine Mixing Vessel, the Grail, is an opportunity that is available to every human being.

It is withheld from no one.

It cannot possibly be kept from anyone.

Yet it can manifest itself only to those,

who have at their disposal a matured, pure soul,

a soul purified by experience.


- - - - - - -


The search for the Holy Grail is anchored very deeply in the history of humanity.

There is an endless series of legends about the Holy Grail, King Arthur and the Round Table.


These stories tell of this search, often in a very symbolic form.

For example Percival searches for the Holy Grail, driven by an inner desire.

He is looking for the missing link, the secret that can answer his life’s questions.


The people around him – people looking for possession, power and tangible happiness – laugh at him and call him a fool.

They even give him a jester’s outfit for his travels.

They think what he is looking for cannot be found in this world!


And in fact they are right, because it has to be found within our own being.

All the traveling, all the roaming of the grail knight is to be understood as an inner journey, during which the seeking human being gains many experiences.


These experiences teach him that man cannot control this world, that he cannot overcome it with his I-being, because the I-being is one with this world.

Initially Percival fails hopelessly, because he strives to be a knight according to the norms and values of this nature.


He does find the Grail castle, and it is inhabited by an old sick king, who is no longer capable of action, but from whom a special vibration emanates.


The old king is the symbol of the fallen Divine Spark.

The thirst of this king is quenched by the Grail,

and that allows him to live despite the weakness of his body.

Even though Percival is very close to the Grail, he cannot yet see it.

Therefore, he must continue to search.


The very special vibration of this divine spark is present in every human being, but it can only be activated through the powers of the Divine nature.

The Grail-light is very close to every human being, closer than hands and feet, but most people do not see or know it.

They are still searching for the fulfillment of their life's ideals in this nature, seeking heaven on earth. Their desires are still aimed at this world.


After much wandering and many experiences, Percival finds that the nature of his desire has changed.

He now understands that the love, knowledge and wisdom in this world are relative. He recognizes that what he is seeking is the secret of life.

He finally understands that the true knight dedicates himself to the Original Divine Nature.


With this knowledge, born from experience, he returns to the Grail castle, but now as a man who wants to accept the true task of his life.

When he meets the sick king, Percival asks him, “What can I do for you?”


- - - - - - -


A true knight of the Grail is connected directly with the original Light.

His being is pervaded by it: that is his invincible sword.

With this sword, he serves humanity.


Therefore, the Knight will not find the Grail until he asks the one essential question: “What can I do for you?”

This question springs from a conscious, inner desire for salvation, for liberation, a desire for the divine reality that has emerged from his living experience.

Such a human being does not ask this question for his or her own interest, to gain more power, honor or riches as an I-being.


No, this question is asked in order to help liberate the lost Divine spark, which is sunk as if in a sleep of death.

A continuous call emanates from that divine spark, a call to come home to true life.

It was in response to this call that Percival set out on his journey to seek the Grail, although he was not aware of it at first.

Only after Percival asks this question does the Grail, the Divine Mixing Vessel, open up and start to flow.

And then it flows freely enough to heal everyone as to their deepest being.

All microcosms are healed, not just his own individual microcosm

because all microcosms are connected.


- - - - - - -


He who truly seeks, must search for the key in his own heart.

Whoever wants to be a Knight of the Grail must establish the Grail within the heart in order to receive the Divine Light of Salvation.

Establishing the Grail in this way results from of a way of living in a higher vibration, a way of living that is pure in heart, head and deeds.


Thus arises true devotion to the one Divine Plan, as well as the true deed,

which is: walking the universal path of true human genesis.

Therefore, returning to Hermes, we can now better understand:

“Immerse yourselves in this Mixing Vessel, you souls who can;
you who believe and trust that you will ascend to Him who sent down this Vessel; you who know for what purpose you were created.”


- - - - - - -


Universal knowledge, true religion and the royal art of renewal have been given to humanity, to help us follow that path.

In the Grail they are mixed unto a driving, helping, redemptive Light.

This Divine Light is able to accomplish the purification, the salvation in man.


The starting point is the deep desire to find this path of salvation,

Or, as Wolfram von Eschenbach wrote:

“For those who once want to receive the Grail,

remember, there is only one provision:

a deep and holy longing for salvation.”


So ends our reflection on the path to the Holy Grail.

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  • I see it not as a longing of salvation because when your one with the true and the love thats in the hart, the pad to go is there for you to go.
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