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Becoming an Aquarius human being

In this reflection we would like to look at a few aspects of the development of the new Aquarius Human Being;

a type of human being that we can all become.


Humanity is still developing.

The temporary being we call “man” or “human being” inhabits a microcosm.

This microcosm may be seen as an eternal being, or a god-man in the making.

The development of the human being as a microcosm,

as a small world in which the Divine Light can express itself,

has already lasted for millions of years.

Now, at the dawn of the Aquarius era,

the microcosm has once again arrived at a stage of transition.


The primary aim in the next stage of development is

to become an Aquarius human being.

The Aquarius human being is not primarily focused on his temporary I-being or on her ego,

but is focused on the original Soul belonging to the microcosm.

In the new period, the Aquarius human being will possess not only a temporary physical consciousness,

but also a Spirit-Soul consciousness.

- - - - - - -

Each microcosm that is linked with a temporary nature-born being,

does in fact possess all the possibilities that are needed

to become a Spirit-Soul human being.


There is firstly a personality with a growing new consciousness;

and there is secondly a primordial Soul principle to be found in the heart of this personality.

Through this principle, which we call the Rose of the Heart or the Spirit-Spark atom,

contact with the Spirit can be established.

In this new time period, it is possible for every human being to take this step.

In this new time period, the Light can approach us in the silence of our inner Temple

and give us insight into the ultimate and inner purpose of our lives.


- - - - - - -


A Rosicrucian prayer describes this possibility.

 Just as the embryo unborn unfolds itself so wondrously,
and with a cry of new-born life stands as an earthly entity,
so does the nascent Child of God lie, still unborn,
here in this world of strife, the Womb of the earth;

no full-grown Scion yet sprung from the glorious Tree of Life,
which with its Seven-Spirit Crown presents its Fruits unsparingly
to the True Man as his reward in Garden of the Gods – eternally.


- - - - - - -


What we call life is simply the part of a cycle of birth and death

that is visible to us – the period between our birth and our death.


During the part of the cycle that is not visible to us, the personality

– that is the temporary human being –

is disembodied and dissolved, and a new birth in matter is prepared.


We gather experiences during each rotation of the wheel of birth and death.  These experiences are collected in our personal record.

As a result of these experiences, we gradually discover

our attachment to the wheel of birth and death.


During these rotations we discover that all developments

in this world of matter show a fixed pattern:

birth, growth, flourishing, declining and dying.

Thus we reach the fundamental insight that reincarnation is the turning of a wheel,

a process that does not automatically lead to liberation and enlightenment,

does not automatically lead to a higher consciousness.


- - - - - - -


The Buddha spoke of the original Divine Soul within us when he said:


"Even if the earth and earthly life offer me everything beautiful and good
of which the poets have dreamed,
and even if all evil and grief would disappear,
yet my Soul would grow tired of it and turn away".


We may ask why this inner Divine Soul would turn away

from everything good and beautiful in the world?

The answer is that the original Soul seeks for the Spirit, the absolute Good

and this absolute Good cannot be found in the world of matter.


We have become separated from this absolute Good, the Spirit.

We are living without the Divine Spirit, because we have set our I-being

– that is, our own development – as our central goal.


What we call good in this world of time and space is not absolutely good,

precisely because it is subject to time and space,

and is, therefore, bound to what is not good.


The yin-yang symbol is a clear representation of this duality:

there is a dark nucleus in the light half and a light nucleus in the dark half.

Both aspects, dark and light, are linked, intertwined,

and they belong together in this nature.

They are constantly changing into each other's opposite.

That is why this world may rightly be called dialectics,

a life-field of mutually linked opposites.


- - - - - - -


We usually try to avoid what is not good, whether culturally, socially or spiritually.

We try to focus on what is good, useful and desirable.

We then consider ourselves to be reasonable and enlightened human beings.

And sometimes we may even experience a glimpse of the purely spiritual,

and call it Light, or Spirit, or an intense awareness in the present.


Truly becoming enlightened, however, truly living in the timeless present can be achieved only by the Divine Eternal Soul.    


The I-being is always bound to ordinary life in space and time, both through the senses and also by means of karma.

We are therefore always living in the past or in the future.

Even what we call “the news” is all about things that have already happened!

And all the things that we worry about or look forward to or long for,

they still lie ahead of us.


Our world of mutual connected opposites is called in the Bible “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”.

We live and we eat from this tree.

And by necessity, the fruits, the powers of this tree, always contain elements of both good and evil.


The Biblical tree of Life represents the Divine Light, the Spirit.

We cannot sustain it by means of our I-personalities.

It contains the food for the New Man, the new Aquarius human being.


We cannot approach the tree of Life with our I-personality.

The call of the I is heard only in the world of the I

and not in the world of the Spirit.

Whoever asks with his I, receives an answer from this world of opposites.

Thus the I is reinforced and the link of the I with this nature is made even stronger.

 This reality confronts every striving human being with a great dilemma.


- - - - - - -


The Divine Soul nucleus in our heart cannot be manifested

in this world of space and time.

And yet the inner Divine Soul yearns for the link with the true Spirit,

with the field of Life that is symbolized by the Tree of Life.


The world of the I-being and the world of the Spirit

are two completely separate worlds.


A human being can make contact with either world.

The human personality has a temporary consciousness that operates

in the world of space and time, in the world of cause and effect.


The Divine Soul within each one of us belongs to the Divine nature, and so it yearns for contact with this Divine nature.


- - - - - - -


How can we leave behind our I-centred life and focus on the life of the Soul?


The first requirement is insight, the fundamental fathoming of the limitations of life in this nature of opposites.

 When we realize that we live in a cage that sometimes shines like gold, but in reality is made of dull cold iron, then we realize that we live in a prison.

 Whoever realises that he lives in a prison will not try to make it acceptable and liveable, but instead will do anything to escape, to leave it behind.

 Then even the best and most beautiful aspects of life in this nature are revealed to be unsuitable and unsatisfactory.


When you experience deeply how we are bound to the wheel of birth and death

in this life, how we are separated from the Spirit, then you will spontaneously enter into inner silence.

For when you know that your I-centred life forms the walls of your own prison,

then you no longer yearn for more and more prizes for yourself, for the I.


No, then you will yearn for a higher Soul life.

Holes will start to appear in the prison walls of the I-being

and the first rays of the Divine Sun will be able to touch the Soul in your heart.


The Soul will awaken, the Soul that provides you with the food for true freedom.

The Soul will turn to your consciousness with a silent voice.

Then you will no longer be someone who longs for achievement in this life, in this world of opposites.

And thus you will arrive at peace, at a new equilibrium.


How will you be able to hear this silent Voice?

You can open your heart to this Voice by shifting your focus

from the I-being to the Soul-being as the central principle of life.

Then the Soul will be able to help and guide you on a path of a new genesis, a path of ascent into the Soul-consciousness.


This renewal begins in the heart!

As said in the Bible, where your treasure is, there will your heart be also!


- - - - - - -


This path of ascent from the heart is represented in the golden cross with a rose attached to it, the Golden Rosycross.

The horizontal bar can be seen to symbolize the path that leads away from our current I-centred life.

The vertical bar can be seen as the path of rebirth and ascent of the Soul into the new Spirit-Soul consciousness, thus freeing the imprisoned microcosm.


Then the human being will have become a Spirit-Soul, an Aquarius human being.


- - - - - -


We hope that this reflection demonstrated something about the possibility of becoming an Aquarius Human Being.

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