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Insight, Yearning, Letting go.

Mindfulness is a popular way of becoming more conscious of our self, and more aware of how our consciousness and the world in which we live works. We can gain Insight into our interconnectedness, and the realities of our existence. Mindfulness can lead to a greater openness and balance; it can also awaken within us a longing to go beyond ourselves.

It leads us to an acceptance of ‘what is’, and an openness to ‘what may come’. Mindfulness leads to the inner realisation that our ordinary consciousness has limitations, and to be truly free, open and balanced, we need to go beyond the limitations of our self. It awakens our yearning to reconnect with the Source, to respond to the call of the Spirit that we can realise that it emanates from within This new state of consciousness leads us to a deeper insight, to a deeper awareness of the eternal divine Spirit-spark that is within us, but not of us. We become aware that we are connected with the Spirit in us, but we realise that we are not yet consciously connected with It. We feel deeply our incompleteness, and we long to become whole.

This is when we realise that Mindfulness is part of a process; it is both an important starting point and an indispensable aid in that process. With our yearning for a conscious connection with the Spirit that we know can be vivified within us, we are now willing do whatever is necessary to bring this belief, this inner knowledge, into fulfilment, into a new living Reality. Through this process we discover how our egocentric consciousness hinders our connectedness with the Spirit, and how we must let go of the self interest of our old consciousness, in order for it to be transformed into a new Soul consciousness.

We – our ordinary self – now surrenders to this process: mindfulness can lead to selflessness, and selflessness to a New Soul Consciousness. The new attitude of life that results from this Soul Consciousness leads ultimately to a conscious connection with the Spirit, to Spirit-Soul-Consciousness.

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May 9: Self Knowledge and Freedom.

May 16: Thinking with the Heart.

May 23: Changing our Reality.

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Our coming Public Talk Series will examine, in three weekly live explorations, the most fundamental questions and values ​​of human existence on earth.

We will have conversations centered around self knowledge which is a pathway to transformation and subsequently transcendence. 


The three weekly online explorations form a way inward and outward, from perspective to insight. 

All explorations can be followed separately and no prior knowledge is needed.

Your hosts are pupils of the Golden Rosycross.

We use Zoom video conferencing software to create a dynamic heart-to-heart interaction with you. Our explorations don't require any prior knowledge.

We don't record the open exchanges during these explorations, and you're always in control of your microphone and camera.

We do ask you, however, to join on time if possible, as a courtesy to other participants.


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SUNDAYS - May 9,16 & 23

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SUNDAY -  May 9 and 23

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We are seeking the Light.
The Light has been seeking us for ages.
All the time a beckoning Call emanates from the Light.  When we begin to hear this call, it is going to work as a driving power in our heart.  Then we recognize this power as longing for the Light, as being prepared to surrender to the Light, and the pure will to attune our life, down to all details, to this pure longing.  Thus a process of change takes place, that is accomplished by the Light itself.
From a Contemplative Reading - GRC