Public Talk Series

We would like to reflect together on finding peace in nature and God

Peace, Nature and God

Public Talk Series on Zoom


Nov 7: Seeking God in nature and ourselves

Nov 14: Nature - Mirror of our inner chaos

Nov 21: Finding Peace - Overcoming inner conflict


"Now more than ever, humanity is being challenged to reconcile these three fundamental aspects of our existence. All around us, every day, we are confronted with the seemingly irreconcilable tensions that exist between peace, nature, and God - or at least, we perceive them that way.

From climate change and pandemics to rising geopolitical tensions, the worldwide web of connections holding us together as a global community also seems to be tearing us apart from each other. Sometimes true peace, nature, and God seem to be mutually exclusive goals, or perspectives, in our lives.

However, many of us have come to a dead-end on this road to perdition. We realize to the deepest depths of our hearts that these are not three aspects of our existence, but One, indivisible, whole. That God, the Spirit, or whatever we want to call It is absolutely, inalienably present not only in nature, in our being, but within every atom and particle of our Universe. When we break down the barriers that exist not outside of us but within us, we can reunite with God, Nature, and humanity in peace. True, lasting peace.

The Golden Rosycross describes a path for those who truly long to be reunited with all humanity and everything, and therefore, with the One in everything. We welcome you to explore with us this liberating perspective and the path to its complete realization."

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SUNDAY - Nov 7, 14 & 21

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SUNDAY - Nov 7 & 21

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Nov 7: Seeking God in nature and ourselves
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Nov 21: Finding Peace - Overcoming inner conflict
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We are seeking the Light.
The Light has been seeking us for ages.
All the time a beckoning Call emanates from the Light.  When we begin to hear this call, it is going to work as a driving power in our heart.  Then we recognize this power as longing for the Light, as being prepared to surrender to the Light, and the pure will to attune our life, down to all details, to this pure longing.  Thus a process of change takes place, that is accomplished by the Light itself.
From a Contemplative Reading - GRC