Public Talk Series


Public Talk Series

In two public talks we wish to explore how humankind carries Spiritual Enlightenment within his/her heart.  Humans are marvelous creatures extremely complicated, created to undertake the most wonderful adventure of life: to discover the Divine in their very own being. 

In these talks we will speak of a truth that is experienced by each individual and is destined for all of humanity. Through two sessions, starting on Sunday December 6th, we will investigate how this process is not a historical one, but an ever-renewing call that touches modern humanity in times of great changes.

Sunday December 6: Self-knowledge and Initiation

Sunday December 13: Transformation and Transcendence 



Public Talk Series

Time Zone Asia / Australia

Starting Thursday December 10


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8.00 pm (EST) Melbourne

10.00 pm (NZDT) Auckland

2.00 pm (PKT) Karachi

2.30 pm (IST) Mumbai

2.45 pm (NPT) Kathmandu

4.00 pm (ICT) Bangkok

5.00 pm (CST) Beijing

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December 10

December 17


Two Weekly Explorations on Sundays and Thursdays

Spiritual Enlightenment Now

I. Self-knowledge and Initation

What is the connection between Self-Knowledge and Self-Initiation? How does one relate to the other? For seekers, the stage of the Path where Self-Knowledge is accumulated is a critical stage. Here is where seekers learn who they really are and what their True Purpose in life is. The Yearning that develops from this process of self-discovery can serve to guide candidates on a road that leads to the surrender of the personal self and ultimately, to microcosmic purification.

II. Transformation and Transcendence 

The gnostic Path of Return is essentially “The Way” that can lead the serious candidate to a Rebirth of the Soul and Final Liberation. As part of this process, there must be a transformation of all of the vehicles of the human personality. This transformation is reliant upon a successful process of Purification, for “one cannot pour new wine into old skins”.

With this reborn New Soul, a mediator becomes available to re-link Spirit and Matter in fulfillment of the original Divine Plan. The re-unification of Spirit, Soul and Body will result in a shift in consciousness that will simultaneously transcend and merge with the ordinary waking consciousness of the human-being.

“For now, we see through a glass, darkly, but then, face-to-face. Now, I know in part; but then shall I know even as I am known.”

Our coming Public Talk Series will examine, in two weekly live explorations, the most fundamental questions and values ​​of human existence on earth.

We will have conversations centered around self knowledge which is a pathway to transformation and subsequently transcendence. 


The two weekly online explorations form a way inward and outward, from perspective to insight. 

All explorations can be followed separately and no prior knowledge is needed.

We offer the series in three time zones (A, B and C) and you're welcome to join the Journey of your choice.

Your hosts are pupils of the Golden Rosycross.

We use Zoom video conferencing software to create a dynamic heart-to-heart interaction with you. Our explorations don't require any prior knowledge.

We don't record the live explorations, and you're always in control of your microphone and camera.

We do ask you, however, to join on time if possible, as a courtesy to your fellow travellers.

Preregistration is not required.

Check dates and local starting times and join your weekly live meetings.

We're looking forward to welcoming you!


Public Talk Series 

Time Zone Americas

Starting Sunday December 6


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11.00 am California

 2.00 pm New York / Miami

 4.00 pm Sao Paolo

 7.00 pm London  

 9.00 pm Cape Town

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December 6

December 13



Public Talk Series

Time Zone Europe/Africa/Middle East

Starting Sunday December 6 


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11.00 am London/Dublin 

12.00 pm West Africa time

  1.00 pm Central Africa time

 2.00 pm East Aftica time

 2.00 pm Moskow/Ankara/Beirut

 4.00 pm Karachi

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December 6

December 13