Rosycross and Christianity

People who come in contact with the Golden Rosycross for the first time are sometimes confused aubout who we essentially are and ask the question ‘Are you a church?’ When I get this question personally, then it is usually my turn to be confused, because the answer is highly dependent on what the questioner means by church. And because I don’t know who is watching this video, the dilemma remains. If I say ‘Yes, we are a church’, then personnally I would feel like a liar. And why is that? Is the Bible, the book of books, not considered as a holy book in the Golden Rosycross? Yes, it is, but there is a world of difference the role this book plays in our meetings and daily meditations and the way it is treated in the many denominations theat call themselves christian churches. It seems as if there is a completely opposite perspective on the same issue…

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  • It's not only the Rosycross. It's the Una Sancta as the community of inner sacrified ones. Inner and outer. But this can only be done by the personality free from the ego. If you wish contacting us you can call 0628347740
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