What is freedom?


 In every human being, there is a longing for freedom. But what does it mean to be free? Even if you can do what you want, you can experience a lack of freedom because you experience the limits of yourself and those of the world. Then you can become aware that there must be more to life. There are fundamental impediments that prevent us from penetrating into a higher world with such absolute values as freedom, love and unity. This can lead to the feeling as ascribed in chapter 20 of the Tao Te Ching: ‘The multitude rejoice and are glad. (…) I am like a new-born babe who has not yet smiled.’

Freedom must be chosen in relation to the true purpose of life. How can we rise above the astral laws that keep the personality in captivity and thus prevent the manifestion of true freedom? How can we totally break loose from the wheel of birth and death, so as originally divine beings we break through to a reality beyond the prison of our senses? This question has only one answer, which has thoughout the ages been given to humanity in many different ways.

All questions you may have and all the insights you wish to share on this topic are of value to us. You can have an open discussion with the presenter and fellow attendees in our upcoming March live webinar om Wednesday, March 27th 2019 @9.00pm GMT (London time)

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