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A spiritual wisdom, the knowledge of the soul through which one can link with the spiritual world through an internal process.

In this webinar we will discuss the ideas explained in the video "Is a Spiritual Path possible in today's world?".

Bring your family and friends to discuss with us the essential questions of the Spiritual Path in today's world.

Through such a video or through our webinars we try to be as open as we can to create that true dialogue of heart to heart to understand some essential aspects of life and death and the meaning of our existence in this world. How can you and I be linked to the divine or how can we be linked to the essence of life.

The purpose of the Golden Rosycross is not to create a world religion but to provide a path to point out a way of life a practical way of life in understanding those essential questions that we will discuss on this interview, the mystery of life and death, the purpose of life, the essence of a true religion and the real knowledge of self.

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The Golden Rosycross Community releases  monthly video lectures in which a specific aspect of the gnostic philosophy is elaborated on.

In addition to these lectures, we offer the opportunity to get in touch and explore monthly themes with pupils of the Golden Rosycross in our live webinars. 

These webinars offer a unique opportunity to deepen our understanding and broaden our perspective on the gnostic philosophy of the Golden Rosycross with like-minded seekers.

We host our webinars on Zoom video conferencing software.

Zoom allows a very stable and high quality connection and you can join by simply clicking the provided link. Software download is not needed and you can even dial-in option if joining via internet is not an option for you.

We offer our webinars globally:on two dates,  in two time zones and on both hemispheres.

Our webinars are recorded and published on the Golden Rosycross Community website  so that all those who couldn't attend, can view later.